Shopping with Your Body in Mind

We’ve all had bad experiences while shopping. You find clothes you like, but they just don’t complement your body well, and you’re left feeling insecure or frustrated. This doesn’t have to be the case, though.
A big part of shopping is not just finding your favorite color or designer, it’s about making sure what you are going to wear fits your body type. A major factor here is knowing what type of body you have. Do you have an hourglass, figure-8 type body? Are your curves more noticeable towards the top of your body rather than below the waist? Perhaps your curves are centered on your hips? Or even more so around your belly?

Whatever type of figure you have, there is a perfect way to shop to keep your body in mind.
If you’ve got the hourglass figure, you want to make sure that you look for clothes that are darker, but also have open or lower neck lines. Belts are also a very good way to attract the attention to your curvy accents. Avoid baggy clothing and short skirts.

If your curves are more prominent towards the top of your body, you want to accentuate your legs. They become a good focal point and you can show them off well with short skirts and little heels. Longer tops can lengthen your look, which is perfect for the ‘funnel’ body type. Avoid baggy tops and horizontal designs.

Curvy hips are perfect for longer jackets and tops, as well as noticeable tops that highlight your upper half. You can also wear tunic tops and dresses to help accentuate your figure. Avoid wearing pants with pockets or pleated skirts; this would make your bottom appear larger.

“Apple” shaped bodies – or curves around the stomach region – are perfect for shorter skirts and V-neck tops to accentuate other parts of the body. Solid colors can help you look longer and slimmer. Avoid tights pants and horizontal pants.

When you’re shopping, don’t feel discouraged. It’s important to know what clothing best suits you and accentuates the parts of your body that you are not self-conscious about. Now go out and get the wardrobe that’s perfect for you.