Posting to Social Media About Your Weight Loss: Beneficial or Not?

Posting to social media about weight.

For some, weight loss can be a very personal matter; for others, the idea of shedding excess weight and sharing it with the world seems like the right thing to do.

One of the most important things to consider when using one or more social media sites regarding weight loss and/or dieting in general boils down to two things: consistency and the idea of encouraging others.

Being consistent with your diet plan will often produce the results you’ve been striving for. In addition, the consistency clause can create a firestorm of inspiration from followers and circles of friends alike.

Social media and your weight loss progress

Whether using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or the social medium of your choice, there are many positives to posting success stories about weight loss.

  • Your friends and/or followers will often encourage you to keep going, and this may also turn into an infectious thing for those who’ve thought about dieting, but haven’t had the right kind of inspiration.
  • Fitness gurus and personal trainers have been using social media for years in order to create increased awareness regarding the benefits of diet and exercise; being physically, mentally, and social-media-active has enabled literally thousands of dieters across the country to get involved, and millions worldwide.

It’s also important to point out that many dieters can end up feeling alone and hopeless, especially when they’re not seeing those extra pounds disappear in a timely fashion.

  • Because of the many social media outlets available today, a greater percentage of these potentially lonely and hopeless dieters are now beginning to see the light via social media and the weight loss pandemic.
  • From healthy recipes to before-and-after photos, many discussions in between have also taken place about the tricks of successful dieting: what works well, the things to avoid, and resisting the temptation of consuming decadent foods.

Giving up is easy – hang in there!

One of the only pitfalls we’ve noticed through the years is a number of dieters who’ve gone and fallen off the wagon, so to speak. Giving up may be the easiest way out, but nobody said that changing one’s eating habits and increasing exercise regimens would be a piece of cake.

This is why we stress the importance of consistency; staying with a program that works can do wonders for your self-esteem and overall well-being.

Beach Cities Medical Weight Control is with you

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Try to keep in mind that we’re all in this fight together, and we hope the only thing that gets bigger is your involvement and dedication to helping others reach their goals.