Finding a Weight-Loss Buddy

We understand…. You have the best intentions and the firmest of goals for weight loss, but sometimes, the going gets tough. Maybe it’s been a rough day, and the call of the ice cream that was supposed to be for your kids is too strong to resist. Or maybe you’re tired, and that fast-food drive-through is so convenient. Whatever the temptation, it’s much easier to turn it down when you have a partner helping you stay strong. That’s why a weight-loss buddy is an important part of your diet plan.

Unlike your regular friends, who are probably reluctant to call you out on poor food choices, a weight-loss buddy won’t hesitate to remind you that, “A moment on your lips, then straight to your hips,” or join you for that morning power walk. And when you have support from a partner who not only understands, but also shares your goals for healthy weight loss, it’s much easier to lose.

What Can a Diet Buddy Do For You?

Basically, a weight-loss partner helps you stick with your diet plan and exercise regimen to reach your ideal weight, and you do the same for him or her. The forms of support can vary, and depend on what each of you need. For example, accountability partners might:

  • Meet each day for a walk or exercise class
  • Text or phone each other when temptation strikes
  • Get together to buy healthy food at a farmers market or the grocery store
  • Cook together or share healthy recipes
  • Share an online food diary
  • Do weekly weigh-ins together
  • Accompany each other to weight-loss clinic appointments

For the best results, discuss your goals, desires, personal weaknesses and strengths, and daily schedule with your potential partner to be sure the two of you are a good fit. Then write up an agreement that details your accountability responsibilities to each other, and sign it. Make sure to include your daily and weekly goals, including calorie counts, food plans and exercise sessions, as well as long-term weight-loss goals.

Where Can You Find a Weight-Loss Partner?

The ideal diet buddy is tactful, honest, strong, understanding and goal-focused. She’s also willing to tell you to step away from the donuts, and there to lend an empathetic ear when the scale hits a plateau. So where do you find such a person?

  • If you have a friend or family member who is willing to risk hurting your feelings by being honest, that’s a possibility.
  • Talk to the trainers at your exercise facility. They may know someone also looking for an accountability partner.
  • Join a weight-loss support group.
  • Go online. There are many virtual accountability groups available, and they make it easy to find a suitable partner who can help you with diet struggles.

In just about every area of life, a partner makes it easier to get through the inevitable rough spots. Diets are no different. If you’re serious about losing weight quickly and healthily, let a buddy keep you on track.