Change Your Environment to Aid in Weight Loss

When it comes right down to it, a great deal of weight gain is due to a preference for convenience. We all do it; drive through the fast food joint to save a few minutes spent cooking a healthy meal, hit the snooze button instead of getting up for that early morning exercise class, eat an extra helping of mac n’ cheese because it looks so good, and “Hey, if I eat it, I don’t have to bother packing the leftovers up to put in the fridge!” Losing weight can be hard work; we get it. That’s why Beach Cities Medical Weight Control is here to help you every step of the way. But if you really want to take a leap ahead with your weight loss plan, it helps to create an environment that supports – not sabotages – your diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle efforts.

Surround Yourself with Healthy Food Choices

Let’s face it — if you have two choices in your refrigerator and one of them is a big bowl of chocolate pudding, are you more or less likely to reach for the healthy green salad? Why make your weight loss journey more difficult than it has to be? Get rid of the bad stuff — soda, chips, candy, processed and sugary baked goods – and stock up your fridge with healthy – and delicious – food instead. Fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy grains… there’s a wide world of real food out there with benefits far beyond their mouth appeal – they are even more delicious when you see their effects on your weight (going down) and your overall health (going up.)

Make Exercise Easy

Busy lives make it difficult to squeeze in lengthy exercise sessions. The unfortunately common solution to this is to give up and forego exercise altogether. Instead, make it easy by building aerobics and muscle toning right into your daily schedule. Park in the furthest spot in the parking lot and walk the rest of the way. Take the stairs at work – and once you reach the top, go back down and up once again. Do arm curls, planks, squats, or burpees while watching TV. Keep your walking or running shoes in your desk drawer, and circle the office building at lunchtime. Take the dog – and your significant other – for a brisk walk after dinner. By making exercise a natural part of your day, instead of a separate event that has to take place at the gym, you turn your entire environment into a weight-loss ally.

Pick Positive People

The unfortunate reality is that while most people will applaud your weight loss efforts, there might be a few who either try to sabotage you, or throw you off track through innocent ignorance. Instead of spending time with people who insist, “You look fine just the way you are,” or “Just have one slice, it’s okay,” choose to be with people who encourage you with their own actions. Look for friends and family who are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, and let their positivity rub off on you. And of course, our diet experts here at Beach Cities Medical Weight Control are always on your side in the battle of the bulge.