Deskercise – Stay Fit at Work

There’s nothing more detrimental to your fitness goals than a desk job. You’re stuck, sitting, for hours on end with very little to no motion whatsoever to keep your blood pumping. What do you do when your work is inactive and you need to figure out ways to get your metabolism going? Deskercise.

When it comes to working a desk job, you have to find ways to stay active throughout your day, allowing your blood to flow and your body to burn fat. There are multiple ways that you can accomplish this, of course some may warrant more privacy than others, but regardless, it is important to find some activities. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you want to find some muscle strengthening exercises you can do from the comfort of your own desk.

Under desk leg workouts – This is a more private exercise that you can accomplish while doing any of your daily duties. Simple lay both feet flat on the floor and lift each leg up individually for about 10 seconds, holding the leg firm and the stomach tight. Lower and repeat. As you get used to the workout, you can lift up both legs at the same time for added effort.

Yoga ball replacement – Depending on your workplace, your employer may encourage the replacement of your normal desk chair with a yoga ball. You know, the large balls that people bounce on? These are perfect for working out the core and balance, all while allowing you to go about your everyday business.
Chair back leg workouts – This may be a bit difficult if you’re in an open office space, but if you have the opportunity, stand behind your desk chair and do squats, calf raises, and leg curls. These are all great workouts, and allow you to still read whatever is on your desk or computer. You can also do these on your breaks.

Small weight arm workouts – Every desk should have something that can be used as a small dumbbell – such as a water bottle. While it may seem embarrassing, it is beneficial to hold the weighted item, and move your arm in circles, curls, or any other direction to work out your arms. Repeat with each arm.
While it may seem difficult to find stuff to do in order to stay active, it’s not impossible. Don’t let your day go by without some activity!