Westminister Medical Weight Loss

The amount of time it takes to steadily lose unwanted weight pales in comparison to the amount of time it takes to gain it. Here at Beach Cities Medical Weight Control, we’ve taken a number of dieting philosophies and combined them together; as a result, we’ve been able to come up with a number of weapons to combat each individual weight-loss challenge and fight it with all we’ve got. As we continue to do our part, the remaining piece of the puzzle is you, and we’ll have to work at it together in order to achieve your targeted goals. If you live in Westminster, you can take comfort in the fact that your first consultation with Dr. Hartleroad will be on the house. Yes, it’s absolutely free—with no strings attached.

We firmly believe that losing weight on your own is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, which is why you won’t have to! Life is hard enough as it is; let us help you retain your intended proportions the healthy way, and chances are you’ll be pleased with the final outcome. We’re also aware that old habits are the ones that seem to die the hardest, yet it may be time to incorporate some new rituals and see which ones make better sense.

Our clinical methods mixed with years of experience and a personal touch seems to be working very well with our current patients, as their progress can be seen, literally; the psychological aspect of losing weight successfully can be measured by the smiles on their faces and noticeable changes in the way they view themselves. High self-esteem is something most of us can’t live without, but the extra weight is another story entirely. Let it be gone for good, and let your pride keep pace with your personality.

Beach Cities Weight Medical Weight Control provides Orange County Weight loss programs to patients in Westminister. Beach Cities Medical Weight Loss provides a friendly atmosphere where staff that is pleased to assist you with FDA approved weight loss programs that is safe, effective and sensible.

Our medical weight loss program encourages a diet of healthy foods, combined with exercise and safe appetite suppressants to assist with the obstacles that many of us face. The staff at our Huntington Beach / Fountain Valley weight management clinic is happy to assist you with achieving your weight loss goals. Physicians and nurse practitioners personally oversee a comprehensive plan with the patient to achieve realistic goals and outcomes on the way to maximum weight loss; in that way, and only in that way, can we deliver the best medically assisted weight loss available.