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Our Beach Cities Medical Weight Control program is taking the Southern California Coast by storm. If you live in the Seal Beach area, you’re just minutes away from our state-of-the-art facility, where we offer a wide selection of specific weight-loss programs designed for each and every body type.

Alexandra lost 20 lbs!*
Dean lost 71 lbs!*
Jorge lost 38 lbs!*
Nicole lost 61 lbs!*
Nikole A lost 29 lbs!*
Laurel lost 30 lbs!*
Christine lost 50 lbs!*
Mindy C lost 32 lbs!*
Loreno L lost 45 lbs!*
Dulce lost 42 lbs!*

Our clinical research team has devised a number of pound-shedding choices for you personally, and for those who are serious about getting back into shape and once again being proud of the way they look.

Unlike some unrealistic claims made by many fad diet promoters, Beach Cities Medical has a physical address with doctors and practitioners who understand the realities of healthy dieting. Our realistic approach to healthy weight loss includes a mixture of modern technology medicine, low-calorie and sustained-energy foods, and some additional FDA approved supplements that work within the body in order to help regulate your system.

  • Being realistic means that how much weight you choose to lose will be left to your discretion; we’ll provide the means while you’ll provide the will to succeed. Our field of knowledge is extensive, which means that we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about healthy weight loss in general, but also the more detailed aspects of how we plan to implement a dieting plan that makes the most sense according to your body type. 


    Dieters in the Seal Beach area are urged to take a closer look at what we have to offer, as we may be able to shed some light on your situation while you shed some pounds through the process. Being a stone’s throw from the sand has its perks; being able to walk on it again without reservations is priceless! 

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