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Beach Cities Medical Weight Control is proud to announce that our expanded service area includes all Costa Mesa residents who aspire to look and feel their best.

Arnold lost 17 lbs!*
Christine lost 50 lbs!*
Leticia N lost 37 lbs!*
Jason lost 76 lbs!*
Megan lost 30 lbs!*
Evelyn lost 23 lbs!*
Erica W lost 31 lbs!*
Carol Ann lost 50 lbs!*
Jessica lost 46 lbs!*
Kathy lost 22 lbs!*

Our weight loss program is seond to none; not only do we provide a congenial and courteous atmosphere, our medical expertise goes above and beyond what is required in order to place you into a suitable pound-shedding plan.

We’d also like to inform you that our individual programs are in no way, shape, or form—crash diets! Your shape and your form are, however, two areas we intend to focus on; in fact, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that the extra weight comes off and stays off. Our staff will do everything they possibly can to help, yet this is a proactive program that requires some effort on your part as well.

  • A brief overview of what we have to offer includes a simple philosophy of consistent healthy eating (calorie-based) and physical exercise, yet we also implement a regimen of clinically proven supplements in order to achieve optimum results Our credentialed staff is qualified to handle most every weight-related situation, as well as the mental aspect of what it takes to lose the weight without losing your mind.


    Having experienced weight loss experts at your side not only means that you’ll soon be on the road to redemption, but you’ll be doing it with a little swagger in your stride.

    Our Huntington Beach / Fountain Valley office is conveniently located, and once you arrive, we’ll show you around and allow you to see what we’re all about. We must also inform you that this endeavor is a process, meaning that overnight success is out of the question; however, in a relatively short period of time you’ll begin to notice a positive and welcome change.

    We’re here to help, so let us know when you’re ready to start living again!

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Our medically supervised program is tailored to your personal goals, helping you feel and look your best.